Indoor Rowing Champions 9th year in a row!

Thu, 19 Jan 2017

On Tuesday 17 January, 13 students from The Bulwell Academy pulled off another sporting triumph by leading the school to it's 9th win at the Nottingham City Indoor Rowing Championships.

Both the boys' and the girls' teams won their events, making us overall winners ahead of Bluecoat Academy (2nd) and Fernwood Academy (3rd).

Boys' Team won by more than 1500m, beating Bluecoat Academy (2nd) and Fernwood Academy (3rd)

L-R: Mitchtuall Cox, Michael Adomako, Nehmiah Browne, Kayden Needham, Paul Ugwu, Reuel Moodie

Girls' Team won by more than 100m, beating Nottingham Girls High School (2nd) and Fernwood Academy (3rd)

L-R: Heather Daniels, Kimberley Oldham, Jessica Daniels, Karolina Zyla, Katie Doyle, Laura Korpa, Casey Lees

As a result of this success, we are pleased to announce that we have qualified to represent Nottingham in the Nottinghamshire Winter Games at Nottingham University Sports Complex on Friday 24 February.

Mr Brockhurst, Team Manager, said, "I am so proud of all of the students.We have now retained the title for 9th year in a row! Well done to all students who have been fully involved and committed. Similar success can be earned by any student willing to practice regularly and really wanting to be the best they can!"

"Winning is never easy but the memories of success can last forever!"

We wish the students all the best in the Nottinghamshire Winter Games, and look forward to telling you how they got on after 24 February. Our news stories are now published on Facebook and Twitter. Please "like" us on Facebook or "follow" us on Twitter to receive our posts in your newsfeed.

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