Y9 play and learn at the National Video Game Arcade

Wed, 19 Jul 2017

On Thursday 6 July, our current and future year 9 computing students were taken for the day to explore the National Videogame Arcade and take an hours workshop in 3D game development using the ‘ 3D Blender’ Software.

The arcade is an interactive museum presenting games from the very first Sega Mega drive to the latest consoles and Virtual Reality technology. The activites encourage all visitors to play games alongside learning to create them.

The students enjoyed the day competing against each other in a variety of videogames and developing their game design skills in the workshop.

Two year 8 students Reginald Ilboudo and Nathan Hunt left excited with the following comments:

“Gallery 2 was my favourite arcade because it had Sonic racing and we could make our own music on Band Hero. The workshop was fun and creative and we learnt to use a new piece of software.” 

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