Care in the community at Christmas time

Mon, 04 Dec 2017

Our Year 9, 10 and 13 Health & Social Care  and Business students have been enjoying that magical feeling of the spirit of Christmas through helping the Bulwell Community Group to cut and laminate Christmas decorations prepared by local primary children, which were then made into banners to go around the tree in the centre of Bulwell.  Many students came and did extra work during their lunch breaks which shows the dedication of our students to community projects.

Community projects like this help us to build on our curriculum - the Business students set up a production line to help the flow of production whilst the Health & Social Care students realised the benefits of care in the community by reflecting on how important it would be for the local children to see their decorations on the tree. Many of our students reminisced about how they had coloured decorations themselves at primary school and the excitement of looking for their own on the tree.

We had such a good time we have offered to make this an annual community project within vocational subjects.

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