Year 11 Step up to the Mark

Wed, 06 Dec 2017

From their early days on the Employment Intelligence programme, all students know that the day of THE interview will come.

For the fourth consecutive year, the nervously-anticipated ‘Step up to the Mark’ Interview Day dawned for our Year 11 students.  An invited interview panel of 30 local business experts came along to test our students’ knowledge of themselves and their interview skills techniques.  Over the course of 6 hours, our amazing panel of business volunteers interviewed over 150 students asking both searching and random questions.  My favourite response to the question “What would you take on a desert island with you?” was from Zane.  He replied “A boat.”

Thank you to the Careers & Progression Team for leading an excellent day – it takes a tremendous amount of planning, hard work and energy on the day to keep this event running smoothly.

Feedback from students shows that the culmination of Employment Intelligence training, work experience, CV writing with the English Department, mock exams (and the results) as well as the Interview Day and the new Progress Partners mentoring support is having a really positive and notable impact; particularly their intentions to work hard for the forthcoming exams.

We wish our Year 11 students all the best for the future, and hope they gained from the experience today.


Mrs Bingham

Careers & Progression Team

Tuesday 5 December 2017

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