Student Health

Vaccinations offered at Secondary School

MenACWY Vaccine (Years 9 to 11)

Helping to protect your child against meningococcal disease

In Years 9 to 11, your child will routinely be offered the meningococcal ACWY (MenACWY) vaccine, which helps to protect your child against four types of meningococcal bacteria (groups A, C, W; and Y) that can cause meningitis and septicaemia. These diseases are very serious and can kill, especially if not diagnosed early. Cases of meningococcal W disease in England have increased significantly in recent years, and it is in response to this rise that this vaccine is being introduced. 

At The Bulwell Academy, Year 9 are offered the MenACWY vaccine and 3-in-1 booster during the summer term.

For your child to receive the vaccines, you will need to complete a consent form available from school. Please click here to download the letter and consent form for the meningitis and triple vaccines.

For more information about the disease and the vaccine, as well as links to other useful websites, please click on the image on the left. 

3-in-1 Teenage Booster (Years 9 to 11)

Helping to protect your child against diphtheria, tetanus and polio

Your child will be offered the 3-in-1 teenage booster routinely during Years 9 to 11. It is generally given at the same time as the MenACWY vaccine. This year, vaccinations at The Bulwell Academy for Year 9 will take place during the summer term - please click here for consent forms.

For more information from the NHS website, please click on the image on the left.

HPV Vaccine (Year 8 girls)

Helping to protect your daughter against cervical cancer

Your daughter will be offered the HPV Vaccine at The Bulwell Academy during the spring term of Year 8.

Cervical cancer can be very serious. After breast cancer, it is the most common women's cancer in the world. In the UK around 3000 cases are diagnosed every year and about 1000 women die from it.

Human Papilloma Virus causes over 70% of cervical cancers.  The HPV vaccine that protects against cervical cancer is offered to girls in Year 8 free of charge, and is administered in school by Nottingham CityCare nurses.  Students are provided with information leaflets and are encouraged to discuss any concerns with the School Nurse.

For more information from the NHS website, please click on the image on the left.

If you have any further queries regarding vaccinations, you can also talk to the School Age Immunisation Service on 0792 018 2032 or 0115 883 5055.

Keeping us informed

Some of our children have to receive medical treatment which puts them at risk of becoming very unwell if they are exposed to measles, chicken pox and shingles.

If your child is suspected of having chicken pox you should let us know immediately.

You also need to let us know if your child is suspected of having measles or if there is any suspected shingles in your household.

Healthy Eating

Continuing their work with the Decade of Better Health strategy, Bulwell EAZ Student forum took on an ambitious project to produce a film. The aim was to get a message out to a wide audience across Bulwell and beyond on top tips for healthy eating. The group secured a London based film company EndFilms to produce the work with local councillors putting funding towards the project. A film premiere night was held at Bulwell Riverside, with the film subsequently being shown during assemblies in the Bulwell EAZ schools.

You can view the film, by clicking on the image above.