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We are fortunate to have a purpose-built school with state of the art facilities and extensive Sports and ICT provision.  However, a school is so much more than a building, and you will only get a feel for what makes The Bulwell Academy tick if you come and see us in action.

Please contact Mrs Sadler, PA to Senior Leadership Team,
 and we will make an appointment for you to have a tour with myself or one of my Senior Team. 

I look forward to meeting you and sharing our school journey with you.

Mrs M Strong, Principal

September 2018

Everyone Achieves

Thank you for your interest in The Bulwell Academy. We are an 11 – 18 school, predominantly serving the areas in and around Bulwell, although students are welcome to apply for a place from across the city. We are a non-selective academy and are part of the growing Creative Education Trust (CET).

The Bulwell Academy is a vibrant and exciting place to study and work with many opportunities available to our students. We want only the best for our students and we will go above and beyond to ensure that is the case. We believe every child is unique and can be successful and we have high expectations of all. The education opportunities we provide allow every child to make the best possible progress whilst at The Bulwell Academy, preparing them well for the next stage of their life.

Our dedicated staff are determined to demonstrate that there are no barriers to learning and that all young people can be successful in their own way, regardless of their background. We consistently focus on helping our students to become better learners; to increase their resilience and to raise their aspirations. We firmly believe this begins with the basic principles of being smart, punctual, courteous and well equipped to learn.

High standards of behaviour and attendance are an essential ingredient to success. We strive to ensure that excellence is standard across every aspect of the academy and have high expectations of the whole community. We also know that learning is best when staff, students and parents work closely together.

As well as challenging and inspiring all students to aim high and be the best they can be, we support them to do this. Pastoral care is a priority, with our dedicated non-teaching pastoral team ensuring all students are valued and included. Students at The Bulwell Academy enjoy being part of a close community; they take advantage of the excellent facilities, joining in the many extra-curricular activities on offer and build close relationships with fellow peers and staff.