Admissions to Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form offer is developed around supporting students who wish to follow a career in business, hairdressing, health & social care or sport. 

The Bulwell Academy welcomes applications from students to join the Sixth Form from other secondary schools and academies where our curriculum offer meets the needs of the student.

We welcome all prospective students to visit the Academy - we hold a special Open Evening each year to give everyone the chance to find out more about our Sixth Form Offer at The Bulwell Academy. Full details of our Sixth Form Offer and our Open Evening & Taster Sessions are available on our Sixth Form Curriculum page: Learning Choices for Sixth Form

Application Procedure

To apply, parents or prospective students will be asked to complete a Sixth Form Application Form.

Parents/students will also need to provide a PHOTOCOPY of the applicant’s Year 10/11 report (whichever is most up to date) from the present school which should also include the details of their school attendance over the past year.

Available reports relating to the applicant's Year 11 should also be included where available.

Selection Criteria (Rules of Admission)

Students are selected for The Bulwell Academy Sixth Form based on the following factors:

  • All applicants must secure the appropriate entry requirements for the courses as outlined in the “Entry Requirements” document.
  • A conditional offer of a place is based on predicted grades and students must provide evidence of actual GCSE results on results day in August.
  • The student’s current school is asked to provide a confidential reference.
  • Places can only be offered if there are vacancies on the courses that the student has expressed an interest in.
  • The Principal will exercise his professional judgement to determine those applicants most likely to benefit from the education on offer at the Academy and who have the strongest motivation to succeed. This will be based in the information provided in the Year 10 school report, the personal statement on the application form and the attendance record.
  • All students who are not offered a place by January are placed on a reserve list.
  • If an offer of a place is not accepted then it will be offered to a student from the reserve list who best meets the criteria outlined above. The admissions process will continue until all of the places are filled.


Appeals should be presented in writing once the admission process has been completed which is expected to be during the summer term. Appeals shall be considered only when made on the grounds that the Academy’s published Rules of Admission had not been properly and fairly applied.

Appeals shall not be considered which are made only against the Principal’s professional judgement whether or not to admit a child. The appeal must indicate how, in considering the applicant, the Academy has breached the Rules of Admission.

Where the claim that the Academy’s published procedure has not been properly and fairly applied is upheld, the application will be considered afresh following the procedure in its entirety so far as the changed circumstances permit.